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A Ball Valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that controls flow through a hollow, perforated, and rotating ball. It is open when the ball's hole is parallel to the flow and closed when the valve handle is rotated 90 degrees. When the valve is open, the handle is flat in line with the flow, and when it is closed, it is perpendicular to it, allowing for simple visual confirmation of the valve's condition. Ball Valves manufactured by us are highly durable, operating well even after many cycles, and dependable, shutting securely even after long periods of inactivity. These characteristics make them a good choice for shutdown and control applications. Process Equipment Corporation are the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporter of Ball Valves in India. Our exclusive range of Ball Valves is designed for chemical industries, steel factories, petrochemical industry, fire protection systems, paper manufacturing industries, shipping/shipment industries, etc. Our ball valves are designed and developed in accordance with the international quality standards. These valves are designed using high quality raw material acquired from global vendors. We can customize the ball valve according to the requirements of clients.

Gate Valves Manufacturer

We specialise on producing valves of all types that are incredibly durable and safe to operate under any situations as a renowned Industrial Valves Manufacturer. Our Gate Valves are bi-directional in design, enabling flow in either direction. It's perfect for any industrial application that requires little pressure loss and a free bore. Our gate valves are suitable for a wide range of fluids and gases with varying viscosity, pressure, and temperature. Our Gate Valves are manufactured using best quality components and methods. Our production activities of all the valves manufacturing meet the international standards. Gate valves are used in all the industries such as Fertilizers manufacturing, refineries and thermal power plants etc.

Globe Valves Manufacturer

Process Equipments has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of globe valves in India. Our globe valves perform well in terms of halting, initiating, and controlling flow. We are also one of India's leading control valve manufacturers. Our Globe Valves manufacturing is focused on two key concepts: reliability and performance. We are a valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad that sells and distributes a wide range of goods to both domestic and international customers. We provide ISI valves that fulfil the needed quality requirements. Every industry demands and requires valves, and our production units can provide them.

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

For our Indian and worldwide clients, Process Equipments is designing and manufacturing world-class industrial valves. The Butterfly valve is especially intended to control liquid flow. We are committed to providing simple, task-oriented, easy-to-install, and modular designs as the leading Butterfly Valves manufacturer. Butterfly valves feature a basic yet distinctive design that allows the user to not only turn on and off operations, but also modify liquid flow as required. The flow of fluids is controlled by this quarter turn rotary motion valve, which rotates in a circular motion. As a leading Butterfly Valves Manufacturer in India, we provide these valves in a variety of variants to provide optimal sealing in a variety of operating environments. We, as reputable Industrial Valves Manufacturers in India, create valves using high-quality raw materials and components that can survive corrosion for a long period. Our customers appreciate our top-notch customer service in addition to our high-quality items and competitive prices.

Knife Edge Gate Valves Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Knife Gate Valves in India. These products are created and developed to meet international quality requirements. Knife Gate Valves are precision manufactured using high-quality raw materials. Knife Gate Valves can be modified to meet the needs of our customers. Our designed and manufactured Knife Edge Gate Valves are used industries like paper and pulp, minerals and metals, steel plants, thermal power plants and chemical/ petrochemical industries. Process Equipment Corporation offers Knife Gate Valves in both unidirectional and bidirectional configurations. You can avail these valves at highly reasonable price from us.

Non-Return Valves Manufacturer

Being the industry leader for all these years we have been known for the quality and performance of Non-Return Valves. Our engineers research the uses and functions of industrial valves and create products that are extremely task-oriented. The Non-return check valve is a self-closing valve that opens with forward flow and closes with reverse flow to avoid backflow. The Non-return valve displays very little turbulence even at high pressures and temperatures. We obtain our raw materials and components from reputable sources as India's leading Industrial Valves Manufacturers. We verify the safety and good sealing of each valve by putting it through a battery of tests. We provide these Non-return check valve in a wide range of sizes and costs.

Forged Steel Gate Valves

Our Forged gate valves are made with the highest quality components and under the strict supervision of skilled quality controllers. These are designed with the highest-quality components and in accordance with international industrial standards. The OS and Y construction, as well as the extended functional life, accurate design, and constant performance, are all praised. These are available in a variety of technical standards, dimensions, ranges, and dimensions to meet the clients' needs. These are designed with the most up-to-date technology and in accordance with international industrial standards. These items are also accessible with us in customised specifications and ranges as per the requirements

Cast Steel Gate Valves

Casting, as opposed to forging, employs a liquid form of metal to manufacture valves. These metals are heated into a molten liquid and poured into moulds of various shapes and sizes. One of the most significant advantages of casting is that it allows for the creation of valves with various forms, patterns, and sizes. When you use a mould to build these devices, you have greater flexibility in terms of creating different sorts of valves with more complicated pieces. Process Equipment Cast steel gate valves are designed to industry requirements for straight through, bi-directional flow, resulting in minimal flow loss and pressure drop. They're made for applications that need exceptional flow conditions and tight shut-off. Our gate valves are proudly used in the oil and gas refining, pulp and paper, power generation, and chemical and petrochemical sectors all over the world.

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